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Analyzer Unit/Tracking Unit

Locating DC Ground Faults



Ground faults on battery operate DC Multi feeder Distribution System are very difficult to find without proper instrumentation and training.

Analyzer Unit - Tracking Unit


Has been designed with a new microprocessor control instrument with a single purpose “to analyze and locate even the most difficult faults on battery operate DC Multi feeder Distribution System”, for the safeguard of the DC system integrity.


The Ground Fault Analyzer and Tracking instrument make use of a very small interrupted and synchronize DC signal to analyze and locate DC ground faults on multi feeder distribution system .

Remark from one of the nuclear customer

"We have a split 250VDC system with high stray capacitance. We have had no luck previously locating grounds on the common bus. We have tried the Bender, Biddle, DC Scout and Ground Hog equipment with no success. We were able to locate a positive ground on Unit One, and an intermittent common ground on Unit Two in about 6 hours using the Analyzer Unit      -    Tracking Unit equipment. Prior to this, we were living with the grounds."

 Equipment and Method highlights

Ground Fault Analyzer Instrument

Performs the interruption functions to locate the DC ground faults up to the point of failure

    * Functionally test the DC alarm unit operation

·           Test the DC Distribution System for spike faults and AC contamination

·           Help to find the value of the fault resistance from each polarity with respect to site ground.

·           Set up the basis for a ground fault predictive maintenance program

Ground Fault Tracking Instrument

Will trace and locate the DC ground faults on DC multi-feeder distribution system, up to the point of failure without service interruption

·           Detect and process the signal produce by the interrupter with a magnetic sensor (unique design) that wrap                    around the conductors.

·           Never have to open a circuit or a breaker to troubleshoot a DC distribution system

·           Set up the basis for a ground fault predictive maintenance program


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